Interactive Storefront at Rockefeller Center

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In December 2001, we collaborated with American Greetings, a Media Lab TTT sponsor, to install the responsive window system in an actual storefront to explore possibilities in interactive window browsing. We selected one of their stores near Rockefeller Plaza (corner of 48'th and 6'th) that had a very nice window looking out onto a large plaza area and down 48'th. Our mics here were about 2 meters apart on 1 cm glass - this worked well enough to enable the system to locate the taps to within several centimeters - adequate for hitting images of large buttons on a 50-inch holopro screen upon which their visual content was projected. Users could choose one of three events from a "home" screen - e.g., watching an informative video about New York, watching a video about kids and Christmas, or playing an interactive "card" game, where the cards were randomly shuffled after each hit and the user was prompted to select the correct card three times in a row. A Quicktime video is posted here showing a user actually winning the card game. Another Quicktime clip is posted here, showing people loosing. Here is a Quicktime clip showing a full demo of the device. A photo posted here showing a user beginning the game. This installation could draw quite some crowds, as indicated in this photo. Here is a photo showing Nick and Che King setting the system up.

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