The Innovation Corner at Motorola, Florida

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In October 2003, we installed the Responsive Window at Motorola's large facility in Plantation, Florida (Motorola are a sponsor of the Media Laboratory). It served as the interface to the "Innovation Corner" - a navigatable display featuring information about idea generation and innovation management at Motorola. The Innovation Corner was set up in the plants largest entrance (this photo shows the area being constructed) - the display was a 62" HoloPro screen. Here, we were able to track the position of knocks and taps on a large piece of quarter-inch-thick glass across a 41" x 54" sensitive range with an accuracy of about 1.5 inches. The animated images on the display corresponded to different aspects of Motorola's IP process, which can be explored by knocking on them. This installation is still running.

Here is a Quicktime video (9.3 Meg) showing a user interacting with this system In this early version, the user is required to hit precisely on a "go away box" to dispense with a window, as you would do with a mouse. As this is a little beyond the accuracy of this system, it generally takes a couple of hits to close the window (the content was subsequently changed to widen this region and avoid this problem).

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