Interactive Window at SIGGRAPH 2002

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In July of 2002, we did a new installation of the Interactive Window System at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference. Here, we concentrated on showcasing both contact and noncontact interaction at a very large (2 x 2 meter) piece of 1/4" glass, upon which we rear-projected dynamic video. The video stream was produced by a new visual program, "Weather," developed by Marc Downie of the Synthetic Characters group. The images were generated by a real-time "stochastic convolution renderer", and changed dynamically and in different ways as people knocked. The images were also affected by people walking by the screen - a pair of Doppler radars measured their motion as they moved past, causing large-scale, global effects in the visuals. Knocking would crystallize discrete events at the knock position that depended on the intensity and type of knock. This image shows a two-person interaction. This image shows the team at SIGGRAPH in front of the window setup (Joe Paradiso, Marc Downie, Che King Leo, and Mike Pihulic - not shown are Mark Feldmeier and Nick Yu). This is a QuickTime Video (18.5 Meg) showing various interactions with the SIGGRAPH system in San Antonio. Note the way in which the movement in front of the window (sensed by the radars) affects the entire image at the beginning of the video.

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