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MIT Media Lab Responsive Environments Group

The physical device is an electro-mechanical sensing and data-transmission platform. It provides a tactile and free-gesture, multi-degree-of-freedom interface to the user and transmits real-time sensor data back to the host computer that is interpreted by software.

The Stack architecture is used as the foundation for the FlexiGesture. The power, transmit, IMU and tactile layers were all used in the making of the FlexiGesture. In addition, the following new circuits were designed and fabricated:

  • The Output Layer: Motor-based vibro-tactile and 64-LED visual output, as well as generating the signal for the EFS sensing.
  • The Electric Field Sensing (EFS) layer: Receiving circuitry for transmit-mode electric field sensing, allowing the system to sense its position in 3D space.
  • The Circular PCB: mounts for the stack layers, the 64 LED's, and the electrode for the EFS.

Following is a picture showing the sensing setup present in the FlexiGesture: