MAS 961: Special Topics in Media Arts and Sciences
Developing Applications for Sensor Networks

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2005-NOV-07 (Mon) A projects page has been added to the class website to catalog student projects.
2005-OCT-17 (Mon) Here's a repository for all things related to the plug.
2005-OCT-03 (Mon) Now that some hardware has been given out, please don't delay in putting it together. E-mail Josh or Mark to arrange a time to meet if you need help. Try to coordinate with each other so you can meet as a group. David, Vincent, Jim and other experienced hardware people may be able to help you as well.
2005-OCT-03 (Mon) A copy of the presentation Joe Dvorak gave last week about IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee has been posted to the list of readings. Similarly, the Circuit Cellar article Mat Laibowitz mentioned has also been posted.
2005-SEP-12 (Mon) Office hours have been decided. They are Monday and Wednesday, 4:30pm-6:00pm, in E15-351, or by appointment.
2005-SEP-07 (Wed) First day of classes! Please read the original course announcement. Also, please fill out and return this brief welcome questionnaire in order to help us decide who will make a good fit for the class in the event we need to limit class size. We will announce the final list of participants by 2005-SEP-09 (Fri) at 5pm.