Photometric and Colorimetric Tools for MATLAB

The main function pspectro.m is well documented, in the folder type help pspectro for documentation. pspectro.m is a collection of functions written to calculate the photometric and colorimetric data from the measured irradiance of a source. However, the supplied input can be any two column vector that contains the wavelength and power. The functions calculate the lux (illuminance) of the source, the tristimulus values (CIE 1931 standard 2 degree observer), the general color rendering index (Ra) and the special color rendering indicies (Ri). The functions were used to study and optimize solid state lighting and mentioned in this publication: Aldrich, M., Dynamic Solid State Lighting, Master's Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2010).

Download Tools (MATLAB CENTRAL):

Aldrich, M.,"pspectro: Photometric and Colorimetric Calculations," Matlab File Exchange, June 21 2010.

Principle Investigator: Joseph Paradiso

Research Group: Responsive Environments group at the MIT Media Lab

Research Assistants: Matt Aldrich