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Pushpin Computing
Responsive Environments Group

Cygnal C8051F016 Processing Module

All hardware supporting the operation of the microprocessor as well as the microprocessor itself is contained on the processor module. The pushpin processor module consists of a Cygnal C8051F016 microprocessor, a 25-pin board-to board connector, an LED and associated resistor, a 22.118MHz crystal and two associated capacitors, a capacitor across the power supply, and a pull-up resistor on the /reset pin of the processor.

The processor module connects to the communications module below it with twelve electrical connections:

  • power
  • ground
  • transmit
  • receive
  • a 12-bit digital-to-analog converter
  • a 10-bit analog-to-digital channel
  • six general purpose IO pins, four of which can act as external interrupts

The processor module connects to the expansion module above with 27 electrical connections:

  • power
  • ground
  • transmit
  • receive
  • a 12-bit digitial-to-analog converter
  • seven 10-bit analog-to-digital channels
  • inverting and noninverting inputs to a comparator
  • noninverting input to another comparator
  • eight general purpose I/O pins
  • four JTAG pins through which the processor is programmed and debugged

The DAC and one of the GPIO pins are the same as those that connect with the communication module. All connections to the expansion module are through a single 25-pin connector, except for the receive and transmit lines, which each has its own optional connector.

Assembly Tutorial
The tutorial linked to above provides specific step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a complete Cygnal C8051F016 processing module from the parts and printed circuit board listed below. This tutorial might also serve as a general introduction to surface mount soldering techniques.

Schematic Diagram

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Parts List for 100 Pieces
Vendor Vendor Part # Qty. $/Unit Description

Cygnal C8051F016 100 $14.68 48-pin TQFP microprocessor with an optimized 8051 core and ample analog and digital peripherals.
Newark 33B286 100 $2.01 FCI/Berg Conan 25-pin 1mm pitch receptacle for use with expansion modules.
Digikey H2152-ND 100 $1.08 9-pin 1mm pitch receptacle to connect with communication modules.
Digikey PCC1842CT-ND 100 $0.33 0805 4.7uF ceramic capacitor
Digikey SE2707CT-ND 100 $1.00 22.118MHz SMD crystal
Digikey PCC180ACVCT-ND 200 $0.06 0603 18pF ceramic capacitor
Digikey 160-1181-1-ND 100 $0.188 0603 red LED
Digikey P10KGCT-ND 100 $0.043 0603 10kOhm resistor
Digikey P150GCT-ND 100 $0.043 0603 150Ohm resistor

Last Updated: 01-DEC-2004
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