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Pushpin Computing
Responsive Environments Group

Pushpin Nodes

The Pushpin sensor node consists of a power module, a communication module, a processing module, and an expansion module. The capabilities of the Pushpin can be easily upgraded by replacing one of these modules with another that contains different communication hardware, sensors, or a new power source. We have developed several such modules including:

Pushpin Power Substrate

The Pushpin power substrate, available commercially from Steelcase, is a 125cm x 125cm x 2cm sheet of layers of polyurethane foam separated by two sheets of thick aluminum foil, one for power (3V) and one for ground. Pushpins equipped with the two-prong thumbtack power module can be inserted into the substrate to connect to the power planes. The substrate is powered by a conventional lab power supply.

Personal Computer

Any personal computer with a serial (RS232) port can be used to interface with Pushpins equipped with either the JTAG programming expansion module or the IR-to-RS232 converter communication module. Using the JTAG programming module also requires a serial JTAG programmer and IDE software (which runs under Microsoft Windows) available from Silicon Laboratories.

Last Updated: 01-DEC-2004