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JTAG Programming Expansion Module

The Cygnal C8051F016 processing module can be programmed directly via JTAG, an IEEE standard interface for microprocessor debugging and programming. The JTAG programming expansion module allows the Cygnal chip's standard JTAG programmer to connect with and reprogram or debug the C8051F016 microprocessor.

Schematic Diagram

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Parts List for 1 Piece
Vendor Vendor Part # Qty. $/Unit Description

Digikey WM6910-ND 1 $0.52 Molex/GC/Waldom 10-88-1101 2x5 position 100mil header.
Newark 33B093 1 $3.32 FCI/Berg 91900-21125 Conan 25-pin 1mm pitch header for connecting with processing module.

Last Updated: 01-DEC-2004
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