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Pushpin Computing
Responsive Environments Group


The following is a list of publications having to do with Pushpin Computing. Unless otherwise noted, all were published by the Responsive Environements Group.

Conference and Journal Papers

  • [PDF] Wireless Sensor Node Localization Using Spectral Graph Drawing and Mesh Relaxation, ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review, January 2006.
  • [PDF] Experiences and Directions in Pushpin Computing, Proceedings of the 2005 Symposium on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN05).
  • [PDF] Localizing a Sensor Network via Collaborative Processing of Global Stimuli, Second European Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks, 2005.
  • [PDF] Sensate Media - Multimodal Electronic Skins as Dense Sensor Networks, BT Technology Journal. Vol. 22, No. 4. October 2004.
  • [PDF] Distributed Sensor Networks as Sensate Skin, IEEE Sensors 2003.
  • [PDF][PS.GZ] Pushpin Computing System Overview: A Platform for Distributed, Embedded, Ubiquitous Sensor Networks Persavive Computing 2002.


  • [PDF] Michael Broxton, "Localization and Sensing Applications in the Pushpin Computing Network," master of engineering thesis, January 2005.
  • [PDF] Andrew Werner (MIT Physics Department), "A Self-Triggered Readout for a Time Projection Chamber," bachelor of science thesis, 2004.
  • [PDF][PS.GZ] Jeremy Silber (Media & Networks Group), master of engineering thesis, 2002.
  • [PDF][PS.ZIP] Joshua Lifton, master of science thesis, 2002.


  • [PDF] Michael Broxton, Master of Engineering thesis proposal, 2004.

Video Clips

  • [MOV (small)][MOV (large)] Pushpins coloring themselves according to the time of arrival of a sound wave front.
  • [MPG] Video taken with an IR sensitive black and white camera showing communication on the Pushpin network.
  • [MOV] Localization using Ultrasound Time of Flight Measurements and Lateration
  • [MOV] Event Notification
  • [MOV (large)][MOV (small)] Message Propagation and Gradient Building.
  • [MOV (large)][MOV (small)] Event Tracing and Edge Detection
  • [MOV] An old video of the assembly of an early prototype of the Pushpin network.

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