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Pushpin Computing
Responsive Environments Group

Two-prong Thumbtack Power Module

The two-prong thumbtack power module consists simply of two capacitors and two 20-gauge wire brads that protrude from the bottom of an otherwise empty PCB. When pushped into the Pushpin power substrate, the longer of the wire brad prongs makes electrical contact with a power plane, the shorter with a ground plane. The longer of the two prongs is covered up to its tip with an insulating coating similar to that used on non-stick pans so as to avoid shorting the substrate's power plane to its ground plane.

The power substrate itself is a commercially available sheet of polyurethane foam with two embedded aluminum sheets to supply power and ground. The distributer, Steelcase, originally intended it for use with small halogen lights in an office setting.

Last Updated: 01-DEC-2004
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