Under Review

Multimedia Content Creation using Societal-Scale Ubiquitous Camera Networks and Human-Centric Wearable Sensing

Using Wearable Sensing to Control the Creation of Narrative Video Content with Distributed Video/Sensor Networks

Configurable Privacy in Pervasive Sensor Networks with an Active Badge System


Wearable Sensing for Dynamic Management of Dense Ubiquitous Media
In the Proc. of the Sixth International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN 2009)

Metaphor and Manifestation - Cross Reality with Ubiquitous Sensor/Actuator Networks
IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, July-September 2009

Identifying and Facilitating Social Interaction with a Wearable Wireless Sensor Network
Springer Journal of Personal & Ubiquitous Computing, February 2010

Experiences and Challenges in Deploying Potentially Invasive Sensor Systems for Dynamic Media Applications
2010 Cloud-Mobile Convergence for Virtual Reality Workshop

PhD Dissertation - Mathew Laibowitz

Creating Cohesive Video with the Narrative-Informed use of Ubiquitous Wearable and Imaging Sensor Networks

Masters Thesis - Nan-Wei Gong

Configurable Dynamic Privacy for Pervasive Sensor Networks

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