The UbER-Badge -- Applications
Viral Message Passing
Infrastructureless transfer of messages that move across short range from badge-badge until they arrive at their destination.

Location of individuals
Active searches for individuals occurs by displaying on neighbors badges an indication of the time since they last spotted the individual, allowing seekers to follow the trail of the seeked.

Analysis of social networking
Visualizations and analysis of social meetings through any number of degrees of separation.

Formation of affinity groups
Interactions between badge wearers tracks the formation of affinity groups and provides an accurate model of social clustering.

Storing of contacts for later retrieval
By pressing a button on the badge, nearby beacons (either another badge or the demo the wearer is looking at) will be specially marked for interest in the badge’s accumulated data.

Wearable electronics
Small, powerful, portable circuit for wearable wireless applications.

Realtime display of social interactions
Visual response to details such as the length of current conversation or the rate at which participant is meeting people or seeing demos. As the wearers go through their day, the intrinsic appearance of their badge will evolve according to their activities.

Realtime information visualizations
The unique display provides an interesting and elegant platform for creating useful and innovative visualizations of behavior and search information.

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