The UbER-Badge -- Software

    • Contains the following library/hardware abstraction source code files:
      • badge_init.h/badge_init.c -- Contains definitions of the peripherals to port mapping, definitions of clock speeds and other constants needed for initialization of the badge hardware, and contains functions for initializing the clock, serial ports, general i/o, spi, and the pwm module.
      • badge_basics.h/badge_basics.c -- Contains definitions and functions for controlling the motor and switchs. As well as a millisecond delay routine.
      • badge_isr.h/badge_isr.c -- Contains definitions and functions for the serial port transmit interrupt.
      • badge_leds.h/badge_leds.c -- Contains definitions and functions for communicating of the spi bus to the led driver IC. It also contains functions for controlling the brightness using pwm of the blue leds.
      • badge_flash.h/badge_flash.c -- Contains defintions and functions for communicating over the spi bus to the Atmel Dataflash.
      • badge_iru.h/badge_iru.c -- Contains definitions and functions for communication over the spi bus to the Cygnal microcontroller that handles the IR communcication and the UART for RS232 communication.
      • badge_rf.h/badge_rf.c -- Contains definitions and functions for communicating to the RFRAIN board.
      • badge_lcd.h/badge_lcd.c -- Contains definitions and functions for using an optional LCD screen on the badge.
      • badge_lcd_chars.h -- Definition file for custom LCD characters.
      • badge_alpha.h -- Contains definitions for a font for scrolling text on the badge.
      • msp430x14x.h -- Standard header file for the mps430f149 processor.
    • Contains the following sample applications:
      • badge_main_demo.c -- A basic sample app that demonstrates sending and receiving RF messages and IR messages, use of the switch, use of the motor, and use of the led display.
      • badge_main_mm.c -- This is the code from the first badge event, Midnight Madness. It demonstrates scrolling text on the led display, rf broadcast communications, ir communications, use of the motor, writing data to local flash, and the audio output.
      • badge_main_ttt.c -- This is the code from the demo presented to the TTT lunch on September 4th, 2003. It contains a basic contact info transfer, broadcast messaging, use of the beacons to fill in the badge display, and quick demo of the audio output as a tone generator.
    • Contains project files for Rowley Crossworks MSP430 development environment. All the above code was development and tested using the Rowley Crossworks compiler and IDE. To use the solution file as-is, simply unpack the three src files into the same directory, change the name of the application you want to use to badge_main.c, and open the bdage_hal solution file.
    • Contains the source code for the Cygnal F301 processor that controls the IR transceiver and the UART and provides an SPI slave interface to the main microcontroller. This code is pre-burned into the badge.
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